The original Firepod by Speedmetal Engineering: designed and manufactured in Sydney Australia. If you’re looking for a stylish and versatile fire pit, chiminea, or fireplace look no further. Perfect for modern inner city living .
  • Comes with legs or low base or can be suspended
  • Unpainted or painted versions available.
  • The Firepod may be finished with an external color coating. It is expected that this coating may gradually burn off over time if the Firepod is subjected to high temperatures under a full timber burn.The Firepod will then develop a distinct natural patina.
  • Unpainted the Firepod will rust naturally.
  • Interior satin black; exterior satin black or brown
  • Dimensions: 610mm Diameter X 350mm deep. With either 250mm or 350mm tall legs.
  • Also available in a 900mm diameter and 300mm dia, {for use as a hanging planter or with oil burners or candles}
  • Made from 6.5mm boiler plate which retains heat better than mild steel or cast iron.Weighs 30kg.
  • A stylish looking alternative to the standard firepit / steel dish.
  • Less risk of falling into a Firepod due to its semi enclosed shape.
  • Great as a wine or beer cooler in the warmer months.
  • Also great in summer with oil burners or candles inside for lighting effects.
  • Registered design with IP Australia: co-designed with Kevin Quelch of Inovasis Design
  • Thanks to Inovasis Design for displaying the Firepod / Firebug
Provided with:
  • 250mm or 350mm tall legs
  • eyebolt for hanging
Price List ( all prices include GST)
  • Unpainted  $850.00
  • Painted  $950.00
  • 900mm diameter   $1650.00
  • 300mm diameter $260.00
  • 610mm Firebowl  $450